We are a San Diego Board Company located in Pacific Beach. We make boarding fun.


Our Mission

At WanderSurf Board Company it is our goal to produce quality paddle boards for everyone to enjoy.  The sport of stand up paddle boarding, SUP,  is becoming a new old favorite past time.  It's a sport that everyone can enjoy.  Here at WanderSurf our boards are wider and thicker than traditional paddle boards, offering maximum stability and floatation. They are designed with a shorter length, making them more maneuverable on flat water and and in the surf. This makes them perfect for all levels. Our boards are designed with a retro look to give you that classic Southern California feel.



First, our blanks are visually inspected to ensure top quality of all boards.  Next, they are shaped in a well-illuminated space, allowing our shaper to construct each board with perfection. Then, we use two layers of epoxy to reinforce the nose, rail and tail for added durability. Finally, our boards are given a one last inspection to ensure top quality craftsmanship.

  • Perfect for all levels
  • Excellent stability and floatation
  • Classic retro look and feel
  • Tri fin configuration
  • Center grip for easy toting
  • Lightweight, durable design



On life’s vast ocean diversely we sail...
— Alexander Pope